Portland Club Forum Introduces Public to All 15 of the Mayoral Candidates in Historic Election


Some of the 15 Candidates for Mayor at the Portland Club Forum

By Carol McCracken (Post # 874)

For those attending last night’s public forum at the Portland Club, it was an opportunity to be introduced to all 15 candidates running for the newly created position of Mayor. Two of the 15 candidates are women. Jodi Lapchick and Councilor Jill Duson. The “meet and greet” forum was followed because there were too many candidates to engage in a debate according to sources at the forum.

Following introductions by a Portland Club member, each candidate was given 3 minutes in which to introduce himself/herself to the audience.

The first candidate to introduce himself was Markos Miller, a resident of the Hill. A high school teacher, he emphasized that city hall needs the skills of a teacher and an activist, which he has been. Ralph Carmona, also a Hill resident, said he should be mayor because of the 3S’s that mark his candidacy: spirit, smarts and stamina. Hill resident Charles Bragdan said he’s just an “average joe” and he is running to make Portland a success by focusing on the local economy. Jed Rathband of East Bayside said what distinguishes him from the other candidates is that he has owned and run his own small business. He hopes his “campaign is the rising star of this campaign.”

Current Mayor Nick Mavadones said the mayor’s position is different from all serving on the city council. It requires the correct mix of experience and a person who can bring people together. He emphasized his vision for healthier people who utilize the outdoors more and development of the waterfront. “Scoring points by negatively attacking city hall won’t get jobs,” he said.

Following introductory remarks by all 15 candidates, participants were given an opportunity to meet and talk with candidates at specific tables.

There is another candidates night at Lucid Theater, 29 Baxter Boulevard on Thursday evening.