First Friday Art Walk Interrupted by Unseasonal (Crummy) Weather


Pottery Maker Beth Zebal Displays One of Her Pieces at Congress Square Park Late This Afternoon.

Designer Kathie Bradeen Displays a T-Shirt with the 1901 Flag Motif Which Has Become Popular.

Sheila Maberry, of SpruceMoose, at Congress Square Park First Friday Art Walk Today. She Had an Extensive Display of Earrings for Sale.

The streets of Portland were mostly empty this evening as the cold, rainy weather gripped the city and refused to let go – even for the traditional First Friday Art Walk as it resumed after a pandemic pause that has hurt so many artists struggling to find markets for their products.  Normally a busy spot is the area in front of the Portland Museum of Art.  Today it was empty of human life because of the unseasonable weather in the area.

But across the street, Congress Square Park was host to ten vendors under the umbrella of East End Vend.  “The First Friday Art Walk has to start up somewhere and this is a good beginning,” said  Beth Zebal, a potter who was showcasing her work at Congress Square Park.  “I missed my community and it is nice to be back”  Zebal is a graduate of Maine College of Art. She has a studio on the East End of Portland.

“Portland is such an artistic place,  There is so much talent here,” said Sheila Maberry.  Sheila retired from 42 years of teaching grade school last year.  That retirement has freed her up to pursue her passion for making jewelry.  This is her first appearance at the First Friday Art Walk and she is looking forward to returning next month.

Kathie Bradeen, whose company is Diva Designs Maine, has been in business for two years now.  Kathie showcased a  selection of cotton garments that she creates for the smallest among us.  Her clothing line is designed for babies three months old up to twelve months old.  They are decorated with cultural symbols associated with Maine: lobsters, moose and pine trees.  (See above photo.)

Another vendor belonging to Maine Organic Farmers and Gardners Association said that the 45th annual Common Ground Country Fair will be returning to Unity this fall – September 24, 25 and 26.  Tickets must be purchased in advance on-line.

Simone Feeney, manager of East End Vend, said “…better weather would have helped, but people are still excited to be here.”  Two vendors scheduled to be at Congress Square Park cancelled because of the weather.

Please visit: for more information on this mini-market hosted by Maine Crafts Association.