FIGA Restaurant to Re-open In Fall?


FIGA 004By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,106)

FIGA Restaurant owner, Lee Farrington, plans to re-open her charming venue in the fall with a totally different look and feel to it – that’s what some in the neighborhood are claiming.  Located at 249 Congress Street, it closed because expenses just became too great for the small venue.  – possibly her wait staff was too large as well she once admitted.

Farrington struggled so mghtly and expensively over water rights for her restaurant that it’s hard to see this favorite spot remain closed. But, brown wrapping paper covering up the entire front windows with lights on occasionally inside are usually tell-tale signs that  work is underway inside!

Farrington has a business partner, but is keeping mum on details.  FIGA could be in for a new name in addition to the new configuration.

Let’s hope the neighbors in the area are right!