Experts Caution Climate Change Will Harm Maine Winter Sports Industries

World-wide Skiier and author of the Highly-acclaimed 'DEEP", Porter Fox, at Press Conference Today

World-wide Skiier and author of the Highly-acclaimed “DEEP”, Porter Fox, at Press Conference Today

By Carol McCracken  (Pos # 1,728)

A coalition of scientists, business owners, ski professionals, and others held a press conference this morning in which they cautioned the public that continued climate change will harm Maine winter sports such as skiing.  The event was hosted by Lisa Pohlmann, Executive Director, of the Natural Resources Council of Maine and it was held at the Gorham Bike and Ski Store, Portland.

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is currently drafting  carbon pollution standards for new power plants.  We need our Senators, Susan Collins and Angus King, to step-up and support them,” said Pohlmann at the press conference. She urged those at the well-attended press conference to call upon their two Senators to support the draft when available.  There are many ways climate change is threatening our economy.  One of these is from power plants,” she said.

Winter sports, like skiing, have a lot to lose by the warming temperatures which will have a devastating affect on the Maine economy.  “Winter recreation is an important part of Portland’s economy and way of life,” said Portland Mayor Michael Brennan.  “I am proud to say Portland has made great strides in sustainability and even been named the 7th greenest city in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure Magazine, but we need action on the federal level too, to solve our climate problems.”

“I was surprised to learn that one million square miles have already disappeared,” said veteran ski writer, Porter Fox.  Fox who has skied in northern Maine as well as over the world as features editor for POWDER Magazine, cautions that if steps aren’t taken now to stop climate change, the country stands to lose many of its ski resorts in the northeast.  The author of a new highly-acclaimed book “DEEP; The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow,”  Fox said:  “While researching climate change and writing DEEP< I couldn’t believe what I found:  103 ski resorts in the Northeast will likely close in the next 30 years due to rising temperatures.  We need to act now to ensure our children and grandchildren have a healthy and habitable planet and to keep snow in our mountains.”

My three stores in Maine and New Hampshire depend on skiing and cold, snowy winters,” said Jamie Wright, Owner of Gorham Bike and Ski. “Winters that are warmer and less snowy cut into our sales and hurt my bottom line and the sport I love. Global warming presents serious threats to skiing and other winter sports.”