Knitters Needed for “Yarn Bomber” Keep Community Warm Program

One of the Hats in a Tree in Front of City Hall

One of the Hats in a Tree in Front of City Hall

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,727)

Volunteer knitters are needed to knit colorful hats and scarves for next February’s “yarn bomber” – a program that helps those who need help stay warm during these cold winter days and nights.  Volunteers are needed to help keep this program an annual event.

On February 25, about two dozen handknit hats and scarves were tied to trees and fences along Congress Street beginning at India Street.  Attached were notes that said, “I am not lost.  If you are stuck out in the cold,d take me to keep warm.” All the hats and scarves were gone within a few hours.

The yarn bombers want to remain anonymous, but the leader of the group issued the following statement last week.  “I first heard a month or two ago about a woman in Ottawa who put scarves on statues in the city with a similar note as mine. She wanted to be anonymous because she wasn’t sure if it was legal!…I loved the whole idea and immediately thought of doing something in Portland. For me it is more about peace, love and knitting and in some very small way contributing to making the world a better place and hopefully creating a sense of community.  I do hope that it will grow and more people will want to contribute and that it’ll become an annual event.”

To learn more about the yarn bomber program and to help make it an annual event, please email

It’s not too early to start knitting for next year – what a great annual event this will make!