Exit Strategy: Joe Gray, Jr. Retires; City Plans Reception Last Day – 11 am City Hall


Joe Gray Yesterday in His Office at City Hall

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 710)

“I’m looking forward to Friday and my retirement,” said Joe Gray yesterday afternoon in his office at city hall here in Portland.  Gray has worked for the city for over 40 years, the last 10 as city manager.

Gray has  seen lots of transitions through those 40 years and is pleased that the Hill has emerged with a strong neighborhood organization.   Because of “home ownership and renter involvement it has been insured that a high level of city services have been maintained,” he said.

A large part of his last week has been devoted to cleaning out his office and making way for Pat Finnigan, who will occupy it soon as the city’s Interim City Manager.  Gray said he’s taken a lot of material home, tossed out a lot and left city material in place.

“I can’t take it all home, but I have my memories,” Gray said.

The City Council has planned a public reception to express its gratitude for Friday, 2/11 at 11 am at the State of Maine Room at City Hall.