Energized Dems Vow to Take Back Government Admist Record Turnout at Caucus


Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) Received a Standing Ovation at Democratic Caucus Today.

Let’s Hope So!

Sarah Alexander, President of the Portland Maine Democrats, Facilitated the Caucus Today.

Mark Ewes, Former Speaker of the Maine House and a candidate for Governor this year, said: “There is a lot we have to get done in the State.”

Katie Mae Simpson, Director, Maine Democratic Party, Rallied the Crowd Today.

Mark Wilson, Me. Gun Safety Coalition and Ben Gaines, Treasurer,  Mainers for Accountable Leadership. at Caucus Today.

Over 400 energized and unified Democrats packed King Middle School today to begin taking back the Blaine House and the state legislature from the extreme right – and get the “right people elected” said Sarah Alexander, president of the Portland Democrats. Alexander also said the turnout at today’s caucus was a record number for a mid-term election. (See below right photo of Alexander.)

“Great to see so many excited and committed Democrats at our caucus,” said David Farmer, local political hack.

The keynote speaker was Chellie Pingree (D) who was welcomed by the partisans with a standing ovation.  “Washington is bizarre these days,” she told the SRO crowd.  “We have too much to fight for in 2018.  We need to take back the Blaine House where there has been so much damage done.  We have to take back Congress.  We can’t let that party take over.  We have this total incompetent president. A bully.  Someone who is incapable of making a deal.  Each cabinet member was hired  to dismantle the cabinets they are running.  It’s a circus.  The kids from Parkland give me hope.  When all generations work together we can clean up this mess” Pingree said.

On immigration, Pingree said:  “My grandfather was an immigrant – from NORWAY.”  Laughter rippled across the School auditorium. “But he’d say, I’ll stay in the old country,” Pingree said.  More laughter.

“Imagine a Maine where child poverty was rapidly decreasing, rather than increasing; where seniors could afford both their property taxes AND their prescriptions; where immigrants were embraced and supported from school house to the Blaine House; where solar and wind were actively embraced and expanded as the jobs program and cleaner energy sources of the future;  I still believe that vision for Maine is possible,” said Katie Mae Simpson to an engaged crowd that roared back – YES – over and over again. She urged Mainers who have not voted previously to do so this November.  (See above right photo of Simpson.)

Simpson said that the Maine State Senate has 35 seats. Dems hold 17 while the GOP holds 18 of them. But, the GOP is vacating ten of those 18 seats.  That’s 10 open seats. The Mane House has 151 seats.  There are 74 Dems, 70 Republicans and 7 Greens.  The Portland delegation is Democratic.  “We are going to move Maine forward together,” Simpson ended.

AG Janet Mills, Candidate for Governor and Her Sister, Dr. Dora Mills,  at King Middle School.  

“The Trump administration is an embarrassment to our country.  We’ve been invited to watch a year in the life of a dysfunctional family where lying and cheating are the norm,” said Larry Larson at the caucus this afternoon.

(note:  The date of the 2018 Democratic Party Convention is Friday May 18 through Sunday May 20 in Lewiston at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee. For more information, visit:  www.mainedems.org/convention.)