Fire Chief David Jackson Retiring at End of March


Fire Department Headquarters, 380 Congress Street. Portland

Fire Department Chief David Jackson is retiring from his position at the end of this month after 27 years with the Portland Fire Department according to a press release just issued by the city of Portland spokeswoman.  Jackson served as chief of the Portland Fire Department since February 2016 and was an acting chief for four months prior to that.  Employees of the Fire Department did not keep it a secret from that they regarded Jackson a figurehead. And that his assistant ran the Department on a day to day basis.  Keith Gautreau is Jackson’s Assistant Fire Chief.  In 2016, Gautreau received the Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award.  (Ganley was a city manager who died unexpectedly while in office.)

Jackson succeeded Chief Jerome LaMoira.  LaMoira was sworn in on January 3, 2013.  He relocated from Maryland where most of his career was spent.  LaMoira had family in the New England area. His tenure as Fire Chief for Portland was short because it was rumored by employees of the Fire Department to that the city manager did not like him.  LaMoira succeeded Chief Fred LaMontogne.

Fire Department Headquarters is at 380 Congress Street, Portland.

The city manager is working to appoint an interim chief and will announce his appointment soon.  Will it be Keith?