Economic Development Committee to Discuss Recommendations on Sales Prices of Bayside Properties Next Week


Councilor David Brennerman Reacts to a Comment from the Public at a Recent City Meeting.  He’s Chair of the “EDC”

For those members of the public who have been following the disposition of former public works properties in Bayside, the Economic Development Committee chaired by Councilor David Brennerman, will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 to discuss the matters.  The meeting is set for 5:30 – 7:30 pm in Room 209 of city hall.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and review possible recommendations to the city council on proposed purchase and sales agreements with the selected purchasers of the property.  The Committee may go into executive session to discuss details of the negotiations, if warranted. Proceeds of these sales of city-owned property will finance the move of city offices to Canco Road.

The proposals under review at this meeting next week are:  56 Parris Street to Jack Soley, 82 Hanover Street to Tom Watson, 65 Hanover Street to Barrett Made and 178 Kennebec Street to Ross Furman.

At a meeting in May of this year, numerous members of the community testified in opposition to the proposed uses of these properties – further enriching city hall’s tax base rather than assisting with the serious affordable rental housing problem that exists in Portland currently.  “I find this annoying and I don’t like it,” Chair Brennerman told before the public comment segment started.

Noteworthy is the deletion of the on-going discussion of  amendments to the city’s TIF policy introduced by  Mayor Ethan Strimling on the upcoming agenda.  It’s a proposal that Chair Brennerman has made no secret of his disdain for.

Other members of the EDC Committee include Councilors Spencer Thibodeau and  Pious Ali.  On occasion city manager Poor Jon, Mayor Strimling and councilor Nick Mavadones have attended “EDC” meetings as well.