District I Voters Return Donoghue to City Council in Landslide


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 318)

Shortly after 10:00 p.m. last night, councilor Kevin Donoghue was returned  to office with almost 66% of the vote whereas his opponent Charles Bragdon received 34% of the vote from District 1.   Donoghue received 2,625 votes and Bragdon received 1,364 of the District’s votes.  Bragdon is a newcomer to the political scene.

Donoghue’s jammed victory party was held at Awful Annie’s Bar on Congress Street.

On Question No. 1 – the attempt to repeal Maine’s same sex marriage was defeated by an even larger margin in the City of Portland.  7,244 voted to repeal the measure while 20,092 voted to keep same sex marriage.  The city of Portland also voted solidly on Question 4 to defeat the measure to restrict local spending.  1,8271 voted not to do that while 8,116 voted to limit government spending. 

These results remain unofficial for another ten days.