Did You Know…(#1)


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that Munjoy Hill was named for a wealthy and educated man named George Munjoy? He moved his family to the Hill from Massachusetts in 1659. Since there were still unfriendly Indians in the area, he built a fortified garrison house in 1660 at the corner of Fore and Mountfort Streets at the base of the Hill. He purchased the property from his father-in-law who’d purchased it from from George Cleeves. Unfortunately, his son died in the 1675 Indian raid which destroyed the Hill settlement. In 1676 Munjoy returned to Massachusetts, but the Hill still bears his name.

George Cleeves was a founder of Portland in 1633. At the intersection of Congress Street and the Eastern Prom., there is a monument to Cleeves and his partner Richard Tucker. The partners and their families lived near what became Fore and Hancock Streets at the foot of the Hill.