Developers of New West End Apartments Meet with Planning Board


“West End Place”

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,258)

Developers of a new market rate apartment building met with the city’s planning board yesterday afternoon to discuss their proposal  for the 39-unit – West End Place – on a vacant lot at the corner of Brackett and Pine Streets on Portland’s west end.   Jonathan Culley, Redfern Properties, told the board it’s a smart growth development and that the height is not yet been determined, although it is four stories high.  Culley’s business partner is Paul Peck.

The site is located in the B-1 Neighborhood Business and in the West End Historic Districts.  For the latter reason, the preliminary plan has been before the city’s Historic Preservation Board three times and finally a public hearing on November 7, 2012, which approved the plan with minor conditions of approval.

Retail space will be on the ground floor with parking at the same leve.  There will be 34 parking spaces and seventeen of them for compact cars.  Half of them are for compact cars because of the increased use of smaller cars in the area, according to the developers.  The 39 apartment units will be located on the second to the fourth floor of West End Place.

David Marsden, a resident of the area, spoke in favor West End Place and said it would be of great benefit to the City.  Planning board members agreed as well.  The plan will go to a public hearing before the board soon.

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