Crew Sets up Obstacles for Second Urban RAID Tomorrow


The Crew Setting up the Monkey Bars on Munjoy Hill.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,456)

A crew of six worked hard all day and often in the rain to set up for tomorrow’s second Urban RAID at the Ocean Gateway Terminal on Commercial Street.  This event is a 5K run with a  series of obstacles  that challenges the fitness and endurance of people of all ages dedicated to keeping themselves in the best physical condition they can.  It is sponsored by Aura360.

The crew worked into the night on Munjoy Hill putting together the monkey bars at the TLA parking lot on Congress Street.  Last year, the monkey bars were placed on top of the nearby parking garage creating a particularly challenging obstacle – particularly in the intense heat. This year the monkey bars are in a this location on the course since the parking garage will not be part of the RAID again.

Almost 5oo  people registered for the event which starts at 10 am at the queining lanes of the Ocean Gateway Terminal.  Registration is still open before 10 am.  Last year 300 people registered for the first RAID in Portland.

Shipyard Brewery will provide beer at the after party for participants.

Please see Post # 1,447, dated 6/18/13 herein for more information and Post # 1,166, dated 6/30/12 for information on last year’s RAID.