“Colucci’s” Store Update: Exclusive!


Dickie Collucci With Jennifer Today. “I Feel Free!” Colucci said.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,457)

“The store has not been sold,” said Dickie Colucci, one of the owners of the popular convenience store on Munjoy Hill.  “We are still trying to work things out with the insurance company.  They want all kinds of paperwork.  There are all kinds of rumors flying around about the store, but it has not been sold,” Colucci emphasized.  One rumor is that Harding Lee Smith, soon to be owner of four restaurants in Portland, was interested in purchasing both Colucci’s buildings.  Smith lives on Munjoy Hill and is the subject of a scathing article in the July issue of “The Bollard.”

Colucci admitted he’s enjoying life so much more.  “I have no stress in my life.  I don’t have to get up at 3:30 am any more.  I’m free,” he said – a hugh grin crossing his face as he clowned around with his girlfriend, Jennifer.  Mhn.com ran into them this afternoon on Commercial Street on the waterfront.  However, for many in the neighborhood the closure of the popular store has been a real inconvenience and many had hoped it would reopen in September.  Meanwhile, convenience stores in the area report more than double normal revenues in their businesses since Colucci’s closed in March due to a fire.  For many, Colucci’s was the center of Munjoy Hill and needs to be reopened.

The fire to Colucci’s Market was set deliberately in early March by a male residing in the area.  The man of Mexican descent penetrated the apartment of Colucci above the store and made demands of him.  When his demands were unmet, the man retreated to a lower floor in the building and set a fire. As he left the building he was met by Portland Police Offices who arrested him on the spot.

Please see post dated 7/4/13 for the latest information as well  previous posts for more background information on the subject.