Pingree’s Tribute to Semi-Retiring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Leadership


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Announces Her Plans at Press Conference Today.

Early this afternoon Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced that she will not seek reelection to her position of leadership in national Democratiac politics.  But she will  continue to represent the residents of San Francisco – her home.

The  gracious and long-anticipated announcement came following speculation as to her future plans with many factors possibly entering into her decision.  The apparent takeover of the House by Republicans probably played a prominent role in her decision.  Speaker Pelosi cited the recent near death by hammer of her husband Paul in her remarks and her gratitude for  the support and prayers for his recovery.  Pelosi traced her political roots back to her father’s involvement in national politics as a resident of Baltimore, Maryland – and her first view of the nation’s capitol in Washington, DC when she was just six years old. She recalled the growth of women in natioal politics and the need to bring more women’s voices to the decision making process.  “I never believed I’d go from homemaker to House Speaker,” she said.

Of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) said:  “There has never been and there never will be a Speaker of the House like Nancy Pelosi.  She forged a path from homemaker to the first woman ever to hold the gavel as House Speaker becoming an inspiration for young women and girls everywhere to run for elected office themselves.  As a cllleague and friend of Speaker Pelosi, I will sincerely miss her.  And I consider it one of the great privileges of my time in the House to have served with her as Speaker.

“Nancy Pelosi’s gutsy leadership and unwavering  commitment to progress stewarded landmark bills like the Affordable Care Act and the biggest climate invesstdment to the President’s desk.  No one could count votes like Nancy and no one else could filibuster for eight years in four-inch heels as she did ddto defend Dreamers.  She has made immense personal sacrifices to advance progress – even as she was wrongl vilified by the far right, nearly killed by a MAGA mod at the Capitol and was recently, was targeted because of radical thetoric from the GOP, leaging her husband vioently assauled at their home.  Speaker Pelosi’s unbreakable dedication to the truth, our democracy and the People’s House leaves big shoes to fill.”