Congresswoman Pingree Supports President Obama’s Response to Election-Hacking

 Congresswoman Chellile Pingree (D)

Congresswoman Chellile Pingree (D)

“It has been confirmed by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security as well as leading intelligence experts that Russia acted deliberately to influence the Presidential election.  Given the stakes and what this means for the integrity of our democracy, action needs to be taken and I support President Obama’s election to pursue meaningful sanctions against those responsible.

We must respond to any foreign governments attempts to influence or corrupt our democratic process.  Thee sanctions are an appropriate response.  I hope that the incoming administration will follow President Obama’s lead and stand firm.  Our democracy demands it,” wrote Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) in a press release issued today following the statement of President Obama.

In that statement, President Obama has ordered thirty-five (35) Russian intelligence diplomats to leave the US within the next 72 hours, shut down two Russian intelligence compounds in the United States, (Maryland and New York.

President Obama also stated that these public sanctions will be accompanied by covert responses that will be known only to those affected by them.

Where do Collins and King stand?  No word on that.