Collins Supports Trump’s Vanity Wall as Opponents Rally Against It and The Shutdown

“Senator Collins: We Are Coming for your Senate Seat, Says Mainers for Accountable Leadership. A Vote for Collins (R) Next Year is a Vote for Trump since she Supports His Policies.

Late this afternoon it was announced on cable news that Senator Susan Collins (R) had voted to support Trump’s plan to fund his vanity wall rather than vote to reopen the federal government. She supported Trump’s tax plan and she supported Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and now this vote.

Meanwhile, hundreds of furloughed federal workers, state legislators, leaders of Maine labor unions and community organizations gathered in front of her Portland office at noon today. All of them are opposed to the lockout of nearly 1,000,000 federal workers by “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude of Trump and his administration. The group delivered a letter to Collins’ Portland office at noon today. The letter was signed by hundreds of people opposed to the government shutdown for which Trump “proudly” took responsibility for at a White House meeting with “Chuck and Nancy.” She’s on the wrong side of the polls because 71% say that closing down the government is not worth Trump’s vanity wall.

“This shutdown is a manufactured crises that is harming our people, putting their homes and health at risk. We cannot let our people be held hostage for one more day. Senator Collins must act and govern responsibly for the lives of those she represents and that is not negotiable,” said Marie Follayttar, Executive Director, Mainers for Accountable Leadership.

Maine State Nurses President Cokie Giles said,” This lockout of federal workers give Susan Collins a very clear choice. She can either support Trump’s political agenda or she can support Maine workers. She can’t do both.”

Cynthia Phinney, President of the Maine State AFL-CIO said: “In the movement, we can ‘An injury to one is an injury to all.’ We condemn Trump for holding workers, their families and communities economically hostage, all for a narrow and future potential wall. This hurts all of us.”

Mainers who want to help TSA employees who are working without pay can send grocery store gift cards of $50.00 or less to “TSA Workers Gift Car Drive, c/o Maine AFL-CIO, 21 Gabriel Drive, Augusta, Maine 04330

With all of this, will the “Portland Press Herald” endorse her again next year for her re-election? If so, the “Portland Rag” might just as well endorse Trump since she supports his policies – tax plan, Kavanaugh, the whole ball of wax.

Please see post herein dated January 6, 2019 for more on “Senator Collins: We Are Coming for your Senate Seat.”