Coffee by Design Celebrates 25th Anniversary Today


MaryEllen Lindemann and Alan Spear, co-founders of Coffee by Design at today’s Celebration.

Amy, an employee of The Eye of Henna, Gave This Blogger my First Henna Experience.

This Mom was Getting a Henna Experience While Her Two Sons Watched.

Amy Creates a Henna Design on the Hand of This Blogger.  Amy’s Day Job is as  a Medical Assistant at Greater Portland Health – Healthcare for the Homeless Clinic.

Coffee by Design celebrated its 25th anniversary today at its 1 Diamond Street venue.  It ran from 10:00 am – 4:00 am with the Burundi Drummers participating in it.

Back in 1994, the couple started up their first coffee shop on Congress Street. Portland.  Recently, the two sold their business on Washington Avenue to Rob Evans.  So far, it has served largely as a kitchen for the Duckfat on Middle Street.

In addition to the ever popular Drummers, there was music to dance to with live music.  There were ten non-profits with tables displaying their services.  One table was from Spurwink.  NIck Patides, said his non-profit finds permanent and foster homes for its clients across the state.  There are currently 2,100 in need of care he said.  The 2100  includes teenagers, siblings, and children with special needs.   Currently, there are 1300 homes licensed to take in cases, but only about 30% are active homes, to be “generous” Nick said.  “Often they are ‘kinship’ cases.” received her first Henna Design from Amy of the Eye of Henna.  It’s a 13 Moons Tattoo Studio, owned by Mary Schmaling-Kearns.  For more information, visit or call 207-761-0636.

In a program for celebration, called “Harvest,” the couple wrote in part:…We would not be here today, celebrating our 25th year in business, without  the support, and love, we felt, and still do, every day….Thank you to every one of our wholesale accounts and customers, who inspire us to continue to discover new coffees, and bring there here to Portland, to roast for you.”

“We’ve been planning this event for the past nine months.  It’s like another birth,” said Mary Allen Lindemann.