City School Dept. Hopes To Reapply To PUC For Wind Testing Equipment For East End School – By 9/30

Flower On The Hill

Flower On The Hill

By Carol McCracken

Even though the city council voted to approve an amendment regarding wind anemometers in the city and on the islands early last month, questions remained unanswered in the city’s quest for the required equipment to be placed on the East End School property on the Hill – the results of that data will  determine whether it’s a good site for a wind turbine.

At the end of the August 3rd meeting, it was suggested that the time allotted under which the city could take advantage of the opportunity to use the Public Utilities Commission – (Efficiency Maine) wind testing equipment on the Hill, might have expired.  According to Doug Sherwood, facilities director for the public schools, he’d  go back and ask the PUC:  “Where do we stand now?  Do we have to reapply now?  Where are we in this process?”

According to Sherwood, he has done just that.  Gone back to the PUC and asked those questions and received some answers.  The city of Portland has to go to the back of line and reapply to the PUC for the use of the wind testing equipment.  The city’s application has to be submitted by the end of this month – September 30th.  However, the PUC added a caveat that requires each loan applicant to have a building permit in hand.  To accommodate this, Sherwood is on the agenda for the zoning board’s meeting later this month – September 17th for their approval for this application.  “I’m not sure whether or not we’ll be able to make this year’s application deadline or not, but we’re trying,” Sherwood said yesterday afternoon.

Initially 69 towns and cities were identified as possible candidates for the loan of this wind testing equipment, but only 20 of those applied.  Sherwood said he’s not sure whether the list has grown longer or shorter in that time.  “We are in the process and we are confident it will work,” he said.

There are similar wind testing equipment sites in Hull and Medford, Massachusetts; the latter located on school property.