City Defies Part of Passed Referenda and Ignores the Rest in Press Release


Em Burnett, (L), Jason J. Shedlock, Regional Organizer for LIUNA! and Kate Sykes (R) Address the Press on November 4,  Following the People First Portland Historic Victory at the Polls the Preceding Day.

“The city will not enforce emergency wages for Portland workers until 2022,” according to a press release received early this evening from the city’s spokeswoman.  The terse and undetailed press release came following an executive meeting yesterday afternoon in which the city council met with city attorneys.  The referenda that passed on Election Day called for “hazard” pay to be available starting on December 3, 2020.

If the People First Portland (“PFP”) coalition wants the city to comply with the referenda as passed, it would be forced to sue the City to accomplish that according to a local attorney.  (Ha – keep reading)!

The remainder of the items on the Portland ballot were ignored in this incomplete press release. has queried the city’s spokeswoman regarding the lack of more details on “Questions A-E” and how the city will implement them – or not implement them.