Cheese Shop of Portland First to Open at Black Boxes at 93 Washington Avenue


Will Sizzle, Behind the Cheese Counter Today.

Some More of the 55 Varities of Cheese at the New Cheese Shop.

The Cheese Shop of Portland was the first of the “Black Boxes” of 93 Washington Avenue to open this morning at 10:00 am with plans to close at 7:00 pm.  Mary and Will Sissle,  owners,  were also the first to sign a lease  with Jed T. Harris, when the units were first proposed several years ago.  And they were the first to open up today as well.

The Cheese Shop carries fifty-five (55) kinds of cheese according to Will Sissle, who is an ACS Certified Cheese Professional,  this afternoon.   That number could increase, but it depends on several factors.  First, the cheese must  be  kept wrapped nicely, to take good care of it and of course to keep the cheese well refrigerated.

The cheese at the Cheese Shop of Portland is from all over the US as well as overseas.  The couple is selling cheese from Italy, France and Switzerland  as well as Vermont, Wisconsin and Maine.

Will’s personal favorite is Pleasant Ridge Reserve.  It’s a French Alpine Cheese like Gruyere.  It’s great for French Onion Soup. he said today.  The Cheese Shop carries Parmigiano Peggiano Valserema, a cheese from Parma, Italy.  The rind of this cheese can be saved for stock for soup.  “It’s complex to purchase cheeses because we want to sell them at a fair price,” said Will.

The Cheese Shop of Portland is open every day from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm except on Sunday.  It is closed on Sunday.

Please visit posts herein dated March 18, 2018 for more background information on the black boxes, 93 Washington Avenue and August 13, 2018.




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  1. Great info! Can’t wait to hit up The Cheese Shop of Portland (or as I call them, TCSOP) for all my cheese needs. And I have a lot of them!

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