Canadian Sailor on Voyage of Self-Discovery to Pitcairn Island; 3/22/12 Vibert Located Near Easter Island – Low Winds Slow Progress – Following USCG Search


Sailor Paul Vibert Bound for Pictairn Island - "As Far From People as I Can Get!"

By Carol McCracken (Post # 873)

Pitcairn Island is not a familiar name to most, but it is the destination of Paul Vibert, a 45 year old sailor from Toronto. It’s an unknown unless you are familiar with the MNS Bounty and the mutiny aboard this ship. Then Pitcairin Island will have meaning to you as it does to the affable Vibert; his own sort of mutiny maybe.

Last Saturday afternoon, when most boats on the Portland waterfront had taken cover somewhere from the impending storm
Irene, Paul Vibert was still at the Portland Yacht Services dock – considering the several options left to him and Rough Bounds, his 30 ft. sailboat that had already brought him through rough Canadian waters to this place 5,000 miles from his starting point. Complicating his limited options was the development of the feared pea soup fog that blocked his easterly passage to a safer harbor. Eventually that passage would take him as far away from people as he can get – to Pitcairn Island in the South Seas.

For Vibert, 45, this passage to Pitcairn Island, is a furlough from the stresses of recent events in his life. For years, he worked in the financial industry. Stressful. Then his 10 year marriage disintegrated over the “loss of a child.” More stress. Vibert fixed up his home and sold it. Two years ago he bought the handsome 30 ft. Alberg in Ontario which will be his home for almost two years now as he journeys to the Island. “She’s built like a tank,” he said proudly of Rough Bounds. “I don’t know what the name means, but there is a tradition among sailors not to change a boat’s original name. So, I’ve kept it Rough Bounds.”

The only relationship I want is with my boat,” he said last Saturday afternoon. “She’s not emotional, but is sturdy and reliable.” He spoke with confidence because he’d already learned that about his sailing partner from his rough passage from the east. There he’d run into such rough water that the trailing dinghy was tossed up into the air over and over again – spinning in the air while he watched in amazement from the cockpit.

During his voyage to “Far Point,” as he calls Pictairn Island, he’ll be recording life aboard Rough Bounds in anticipation of writing a book about this journey of a lifetime. Once he arrives at Far Point, (does that sound like a book title?) Vibert has no plans to go ashore to this romantic and exotic Island. Rather, he’ll come about and reset his compass for Canada – with a different chart for his future.

In the meantime, Vibert PROMISED to stay in touch with and to send emails as possible to update readers on his journey to the South Seas aboard Rough Bounds.

*editor’s note: 3/22/12 – Following a search near Easter Island by the United States Coast Guard, Paul Vibert, has been found. Low winds had slowed him down and put him behind schedule. When located he was 20 days overdue at Easter Island.

editor’s note: Pictcairn Island is a 1.75 sq. mile island in the South Pacific which is home to the descendents of the mutineers from the English HMS Bounty. There is much more interesting reading on-line about this Island.

15 thoughts on “Canadian Sailor on Voyage of Self-Discovery to Pitcairn Island; 3/22/12 Vibert Located Near Easter Island – Low Winds Slow Progress – Following USCG Search

  1. Hey Paul, hope the journy is a good one keep in touch, last msg from you, you were on your way to Easter Iland. Looking forward in hearing from you soon my friend!!!

    • Jacques, Glad to hear that you are hearing from him and apparently he is okay! has, unfortunately, not heard from him since that first meeting here in Portland!
      Give him my regards!

  2. Hey Carol,
    Last I heard from Paul, he told me I should hear from him within 30 days.
    well its been a month and two weeks, I’m getting a little worried here. My dad tells me there is little internet access around there and tahiti so we may have to wait just a bit longer….

    • Jacques, thanks much for the update. Pls. do when you hear from him ag ain.Carol

  3. I suspect he’s having fun and there is little to none internet. If I hear from him I will call your mom to let her know! Other then that I really don’t know what else to do!

  4. Carol who has died, I just got off the phone with Pauls Mother she sounds great and she hasn’t heard from Paul?????

    Write me at my e-mail address above


  5. Carol,
    I had to think long and hard at your last msg! I deducted that your not Pauls sister?? For this I’m sorry if I screwed up and mentioned your mother! I am a Ham operator and will try this evening to contact someone in the south pacific, just maybe I can get some input if they have come accross rough bounds in there journey. My sincere appologises.


  6. Paul located couple of days off Easter Island, having difficulty with low winds. 20 days over due.

    • Jacques; Thanks what a relief. He’ll have quite a book to write after all! Carol

  7. Hi Jacques,
    Paul’s nephew here, Ricks little brother Rob. Just wanted to say thanks for looking out for UP and all your efforts. I have been talking with my Aunt Cathy (Paul’s sister) and we are great full. I think it’s funny that UP is going to love all the attention he is getting (not)…. lol

  8. Rob,
    No Problem. We met once in Pauls basement when you were stationed in Petawawa. You may not remember.

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