Business Beat: Harbor Scoops Opens For Season


Two Customers From the Neighborhood at Harbor Scoops Today

Two Customers From the Neighborhood at Harbor Scoops Today

By Carol McCracken (Post # 492)

There was a steady stream of customers this afternoon when Harbor Scoops officially opened for the summer season. Jordon Fischer, “lead” ice cream scooper kept busy on his first day on the job. The much anticipated ice cream shop had a “soft opening” several weeks ago and is now fully staffed and selling the local favorite – Smiling Cow Farm Ice Cream.

“This is encouraging,” said Mike Roylos, co-owner of the new business located at the corner of Washington Avenue and Cumberland Avenue on the Hill. The hours are not yet set in stone, (or posted on the front of the store), but will generally be from 3 pm until 9 pm daily. There are three cone sizes and dishes are available. Currently there are 20 flavors available.

Roylos is using the kitchen at Harbor Scoops to make food for his long-time business Spartan Grill which is now located at Zarrah’s in Monument Square. The name will be changed to Victory Cafe in honor of the Lady of Victory monument in the square eventually. Roylos bought Zarrahs several months ago. He’s been a busy man this spring which may have contributed to the “soft opening” earlier this month.

“We’d rather apologize for the delay in opening than make excuses for the quality of the ice cream,” said Roylos taking a break from preparing food for Spartan Grill at the Harbor Scoops kitchen.