Business Beat: Designers Circus Arrives on the Hill, Again


By Carol McCracken

The Designers Circus arrived back on the Hill earlier this week and has been flying high ever since – that is in between the two red flags blowing in the breeze at the entrance to 58 Fore Street – and it will be blowing out of town this Sunday, September 14th.

The Designers Circus consists of numerous designers from all over the world. The huge inventory includes sweaters, pants, jackets, suits, handbags, jewelry and much more. Sizes run from 2 to 22. The designers represent many countries. Hours are mostly: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 1-888-303-0356

Hill resident Diedre Paul had driven past the two red flags blowing in the breeze several times during the day and finally could not resist their lure. So, Diedre stopped in at Designers Circus late in the day. She bought a number of clothing items to be used in her performances as a singer in local venues. (Among other venues, this gorgeous young lady has sung at the DogFish Cafe.)

Kathleen O’Neill, owner of the company, said this is the 5th year she has brought this “unique clothing experience” to the Hill. (A building on Portland Yacht Services property). Four years ago, after having been a designer of contemporary womens clothes, Blanco Negro, Kathleen left the designing business to focus her career on event sales. Designers Circus hosts 3 large fashion events in the Boston area as well as here on the Hill. The next sales events on the Hill will be in late February 2009. From the Boston area, she and her husband hope some day to retire to the area and run the Designers Circus from Munjoy Hill.