Business Beat: Brian Lawrence, Establishes “Massage & Bodywork Therapy” Business On The Hill


Brian Lawrence, Licensed Massage Therapist

By Carol McCracken (Post # 353)

The holidays are getting busier and busier and with that comes some stress as well.  Right about now, time spent in a sauna followed by a soothing massage would do wonders for MHN.  And MHN knows exactly where to go for that special experience:  Massage & Bodywork Therapy at 16 St. Lawrence Street on the Hill.  This new business is owned and run by Maine native Brian Lawrence.

Although his business on the Hill is new,  Brian is not new to the field of massage therapy.  He already has a similar business up and running on the Magdalen Islands.  (They are located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Quebec, Canada.)  Brian says it’s a “jewel” of a place.  The chain of Islands is known primarily for its tourism, fishing and as a sportsman’s paradise because of the  constant winds in a mild maritime climate.  But in the winter, the Islands do get isolated, so Brian decided to return to Maine for now.

A windsurfer himself, Brian became interested in massage therapy to help him understand his own aches and pains.  Now he wants to share that expertise with others in the Greater Portland area, he said earlier this week at the Hilltop Coffee Shop. 

 “Massage therapy is becoming  more integrative and complex, ” he said.  “It’s necessary to learn other healing arts (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and medical knowledge too.   It’s important to learn about massage interactions with prescriptions interactions for example.”  Most people’s problems are not just physical.  They have more to do with their spiritual life, energy and thinking he said. Massage therapy can touch on all of these.   That’s why Brian spends time with each client assessing their situation before any massage happens. 

Although Brian has traveled largely for extensive educational purposes, he has deep roots right here.  He grew up on Cousins Island and on an island off the coast of Rockland.  His father, now deceased. Dr. Frank Lawrence, was chief of the Emergency Room at Maine Medical Center, Portland.  His mother taught child psychology at a local nursing school. She changed her career at age 40 when she became a lawyer.  She is now a  mediator.

Brian is an interesting young man with  a wide array of interests as reflected in his educational pursuits before studying to become a licensed massage therappy.  He’s studied engineering, astrology and speaks French.   At one time, he had his own graphic design and advertising business and later  for eight years he was a sub-contractor to  Whole Foods Market here on the east coast. 

Check out his services at and give him a call to make an appointment:  207 – 318 – 1254.  He charges $60. per hour and has  some great introductory offers that last until the end of December.