Boone’s Seafood Restaurant on Portland Waterfront Suffers Two Fires Last Week


Boone’s Seafood Restaurant, 86 Commercial Street,  on the Port;and Waterfront.  (Please Read Post Herein Dated August 10, 2013 For More Information on the Opening of the Restaurant).

“We had two fires last week,” said an employee of Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room, on the Portland waterfront this afternoon.  “There was a chimney fire on Thursday.  And a cooler fire the next day on Friday,” she told this blogger.  This information came as this blogger was leaving the seafood restaurant following a lunch of clam chowder and blueberry crisp.  Both items were hot to the palate.  And that was a good thing.  That’s because the inside of the restaurant was cold – cold and dark.  Too dark to even try to read a slim paperback book this blogger had intended to read during lunch – “Common Sense for the 21st Century – A Call to Reinvest in American Democracy,” by Paul J. McKenney, Ed.D.  The heat from a functioning fireplace was missed.

The fireplace was not lit because of the chiimney fire last week.  One employee advised this blogger that it would be sometime before the fireplace would be up and running again.  The work of the firemen caused a hole in the roof which did not get repaired until yesterday,  “That made it a very cold place to work,” said one employee.  “On one day last week there were six Portland Fire Department firetrucks working here to get the fire out.  Commercial Street was blocked off for hours that day,” she said.

Darcy Harding is the owner of the waterfront restaurant.  Rumor has it that this was part of the divorce settlement between her and her Chef husband, an owner of The Rooms.

Despite these fires, the Portland Fire Department for an undisclosed reason did not issue a press release on the two back-to-back fires last week.  It begs the question for this blogger, what is the Division Chief for the Medical Emergency Services and Training doing responding or frankly not responding to press queries?

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