Boil Water Order Still in Effect; Could be Lifted by Tomorrow Mid-morning


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,245)

The Boil Water Order remains in effect for the Portland peninsula; Munjoy Hill, Old Port and the West End, according to an updated press release  received from Michelle Clements, of the Portland Water District.

Although it appears there is no contamination of the water at the water main break this morning on Somerset Street occurred, additional incubation time is needed to confirm that fact. 

:Twelve samples were collected from various locations around the peninsula.  These samples were processed today.  All indications are that the water was not contaminated:  chlorine levels were typical and none of the samples had any unusual appearance.  They are being analyzed for bacteria and the test requires an 18-hour incubation period before results are known.  This means the boil order cannot be lifted any sooner than mid-morning Thursday.  If any of the results are unsatisfactory, then the boil order could last longer for some or all of the affected area.  Currently, the leak is being repaired and is expected to be fixed by midnight.  Abou a dozen hydrants wee flushed around the peninsula and the water from these hydrants appeared normal.

The next update will be sent again on Thursday morning and will include the water test results.  This will also be posted on our web site and Facebook page,” according to the Portland Water District update.