Bill’s Pizza Expanding Menu to Satisfy Tastes in the Old Port


Joe Gaudegtte (Co-Owner of Bill’s Pizza) and Bill Gordon, the New Chef, Recently Hired to Direct the Menu Expansion of the Iconic Eatery.

Tuscon Onion Soup, a New (Fantastic) Item on the Menu. (It’s Presentation is Still a Work-in-Progress. ) A cup costs $4.25.

Bill Gordon With a Pizza He Decorated with Halloween “Spiders” for the Upcoming Holiday.

David Rodriquez and Ana Ramirez, Visiting from Austin, TX., for the Second Year, Admiring Their Lobster Rolls and Clam Chowder.  The Cost of a Lobster Roll is $15.75.

“My job is to fix hungry and thirsty people,” said John Bradbury, an owner of Bill’s Pizza, yesterday in a telephone interview with this blogger.  The iconic eatery has succeeded very well at that  – selling pizzas made from an old,  family recipe for about 20 years in that same spot – 177 Commercial Street under the blue awning.  But now the time has come to expand the 23 kinds of pizza menu to include other options for casual diners in the area.

“The area has changed a lot.  It’s become more upscale, so we believe we have to also,” said Joe Gaudegtte, a business partner of Bradbury’s, earlier this week.  Just hired to direct that transition is Bill Gordon – a Florida native who has worked all over the country, but moved here recently because he has family in the area and he loves the area. So far, it’s working and working very well.

New on the menu are beautifully presented lobster rolls that are: packed full of lobster meat with lettuce, a little paprika and a little mayonnaise in a toasted roll.  They pass with flying colors the high standard set for lobster rolls by this blogger!

Hot breakfasts, including, eggs, omelets and breakfast sandwiches are a new item on the morning menu.  They are served early in the morning now as well.   The new clam chowder is not made with flour.  So you don’t think you are chewing on  a pot of paste as this blogger dislikes.  It’s best for the “hungry and thirsty” person to get down to Bill’s Pizza and check out this evolving menu that is full of delightful surprises.

“We are not competing with fine dining,” said Bradbury.  “I just want people to have a good experience here.”  It truly is the “Finest Kind” around.

Please call 774-6166 for more information on the menu, etc.

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  1. Great article! Just a minor correction, though; Joe’s last name is spelled Gaudette. 🙂

    • thanks! Joe let me know I misspelled his name! Was so impressed with the entire operation down there.

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