Bernie Fest in Downtown Portland Calls for Revolution in DC


Senator Bernie Sanders Grins at Reception Mainers Gave Him Last Night at Rally at State Theater, Portland.

Ben & Jerry Founders of the Ice Cream  Company of the Same Name, Extol the Virtues of the Senator for President at the Rally.

Troy Jackson (D-Allagash) and President of the Maine Senate was One of Several Who Introduced Senator Sanders.

Aren LeBrun, (second from left) with His Parents & a Friend Came From Skowhegan to “Feel the Bern.” Aaron Said That in Order to Counter the Republicans, Democrats Should not Accept Donations From the Same Corporation Interests as Republicans.  Aren Works for a Political Consulting Co.

David Bright & Seth Berner, Wait for the Rally at Congress Sq Park. Dressed Appropriately.

Bernie Sanders, a Vermonter running for president of the US, promised his supporters to turn a deeply flawed union into a more perfect one, if he is elected President in 2020.

In an almost hour long campaign speech, pep rally, and analysis of President Trump’s dark side (his only side), Sanders had his supporters roaring for him – sometimes in an ear-splitting tribute to the current leader of progressive politics. Although he is an Independent, he is running as a Democrat.

In his opening remarks, Sanders said he was at the State Theatre to ask for support to win the primary and to win the Democratic nomination.  “I’ll be back to defeat the most dangerous man in America,” he said referring to Trump. The day following the election next year Sanders will take on the “greed and corruption” in DC and bring about a political revolution.  It won’t be easy to take on the power structure of the US, Sanders said.  “We are coming together for a country that works for us all.”

Sanders said that as humans with meaning to our lives, we don’t believe in stepping on others, lying and cheating as does Trump and his administration.  “You are powerless people,” the Trumpsters believe and act accordingly.  He went on to talk about the increase in the minimum wage to $15. tht 7 states have now adopted and that “we must end the absurdity of women earning .80 on the dollar.”  He promoted the advantages of  universal health care for all – a favorite issue of the supporters of Sanders at the rally.  He said that pharmaceuticals are the “biggest crooks” to a rousing response from his supporters. (This blogger agrees having a family member who works for one of them who has been sued).  The health care industry has unlimited resources, but “we will not be denied.”

He dedicated a substantial portion of his campaign speech to the issue of climate change.  “Scientists say we have underestimated the effects of climate change.  “In 12 years, we will not be able to reverse the damage.”  Trump calls climate change a hoax, but “I call Trump a hoax.”   He asked:  “How much sense does it make to subsidize an industry trying to destroy our planet?” Sanders was referring to the fossil fuel industry that Trumpsters support.

“We have more people in jail than China – an authoritarian country.  We need to end cash bail.  We are selling marijuana while people are in jail for using it,” he said to a roaring crowd.

The Senate is scared to death of the NRA he said.  “Assault weapons are military weapons designed to kill as quickly as possible.  The NRA can no longer dictate gun policies,” he has told “Moscow” McConnell.(R).  And he did not forget to include criticism of the “right wingers who want a small government except when it comes to women’s bodies.”  (It appears to this blogger that King Trump is afraid of the NRA as well).

Sanders returned to the issue of King Trump several times – calling  him a racist, sexist, religious bigot, pathological lier, among other things. “Trump divides us up and goes after people with little political power.  We will bring everyone together around an agenda that works for all and not just the 1%.”  Supporters maintained that Sanders can beat King Trump because in a recent survey he is 14 points ahead of Trump.  The large lead  of former VP Joe Biden over Trump has been a distraction to the Sanders campaign several said.

“If there was ever a moment when we had to stand up and fight, this is it,” he said to another, standing ear-splitting ovation from supporters.

Unfortunately, Betsy Sweet, a candidate for Senator Collins (R) seat gave out unwanted bear hugs like Halloween Candy to those she saw.  This blogger,  the recepient of one, who did not know who she was until someone identified her, is a supporter of Maine State House Speaker Sara Gideon (D).  She has a voting record this blogger admires and that’s what it’s about; not bear hugs.