Bakery on the Hill Encourages Public to Vote; Free Cupcake to Those Who Do!


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By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,251)

“I believe voting is such a privilege.  There have been so many before us who didn’t have the privilege,” said Alexandra Trischler, an owner of Bakery On the HIll, last week.  “I just want to thank everyone in the community for engaging in the process of voting.” That’s why Alli and her mother Stephanie Smith, co-owners of the business will be giving out free cupcakes to those who show an “I Voted” sticker on Election Day, November 6th.  The address is 253 Congress Street.

The popular Bakery on the Hill reopened on June 1, 2012, after having been closed for a few months.  Trischler and Smith bought the business from Wolf Gonier who started-up it up  several years ago and then flipped it to start another business elsewhere.  At the time, Gonier said she had been in the pastry business for many years and got tired of it easily.

Trischler, a Maine native who currently lives on the Hill, became engaged after leaving a  pastry cook position in New York City.  And what a position Trischler, 27,  had.  She was a pastry cook for the prolific New York restaurateur Danny Meyer.  She worked for his company, Union Square Hospitality, for five years.  Of him, she said he’s a very inspiring man.  “He’s very moving when he speaks,” she said.  Part of what makes him such a big success, is his hospitality.  “It trickles down from him to all his employees.  He’s a hands-on boss.  He’s always in his restaurants. There are always promotional opportunities from within when you work for him. Danny also provides benefits to his employees which is unusual in this business,” she added. 

Alli was a pastry cook for him at Maialino Restaurant at the Grammarcy Park Hotel on Lexington Avenue, NYC, starting back in 2008 until 2010.   Then she moved on to work for Chef Floyd Cardoz at Tabla, Madison Square Park.  “There is lots of pressure in those restaurants, but I also learned a lot too.  Lots of pressure to produce when you have several different elements on a plate – like ice cream and something hot.” More recently, she had the interesting experience of working for the North End Grille when it opened.  Alli found it interesting to see how a restaurant opens – picking a menu, training wait staff, and planning the kitchen  She worked there for about 6 months under Chef Cordoz. When Alli and her fiance are married next year, she will spend more time in New York where her future husband lives.  

Bakery on the Hill has announced its holiday menu.  It includes pumpkin roulade, and a Bouche de Noel.  That is a yule log.  The two have started taking holiday orders.  Please call 773-5259 for more information.

For more background information, please see Post # 1,148, dated May 31, 2012 herein.



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