Animal Rights Maine Protest Macy’s Sale of Fur Accessories..


Melissa Gates of Animal Rights Maine

Melissa Gates of Animal Rights Maine

By Carol McCracken (Post # 374)

Horns honked in support of numerous animal rights activists who protested Macy’s sale of fur accessories at the Maine Mall in South Portland earlier today. Specifially, Macy’s has been selling three or four accessories made from real fur. One of the accessories is fur gloves made from animals rather than fake furs. Many of the accessories sold by Macy’s are “made in China.” The protest was organized by Animal Rights Maine, (ARM”).

Melissa Gates, spokesperson for the group (“ARM”) said that the fur industry is never pretty or well regulated. The fur industry is an especially cruel industry, she said. China is the worst offender of all. China looks for the cheapest and the cruelest way to get the furs which is usually skinning the animals alive.

In the recent past, Gates has written about her concerns to Macy’s Headquarters as well as the South Portland store. No response has been received to date. She is asking Macy’s to review the store’s policies regarding ethics – a/k/a its code of conduct. “Buying fur accessors from China is not an ethical choice,” Gates added.