30 Merrill Street Design Workshop Scheduled for Monday, October 17

30 Merrill Street, F ormerly a Rental Property to be Converted into Condos.

Banner Properties, LLC Proposes to Raze 30 Merrill Street, Formerly a Rental Property, and Replace it With a Seven Condominium Building.  Neighbors Have Called the Proposal an Embarrassment to the Neighborhood.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,550)

The public is invited to attend a design workshop regarding 30 Merrill Street on Monday, October 17th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. The design workshop will be held at 30 Danforth Street, Suite # 213, Portland.  The meeting is hosted by Evan A. Carroll, bild Architecture.  The developer is Banner Properties, LLC

Carroll is the architect for 65 Munjoy Street that is being developed by Peter Bass and Ethan B. Macomber, d/b/a  Adams Apple, LLC. That proposed design was the subject of a lawsuit filed by six neighbors.  The lawsuit was filed out of court earlier this year. In exchange for withdrawing the lawsuit, the developers were obliged to make numerous changes to the design of the building.  These changes helped to improve the quality of the overall design and it up to a better standard – one reflected by other homes in the neighborhood.

At an August meeting required by the city, Evan Carroll, presented plans for the conversation of 30 Merrill Street.  It’s a former rental building on Munjoy Hill. The proposed plans call for  seven (7) condominiums with parking for six (6) vehicles on site.  About ten (10) neighbors attended the meeting and called for the developer to return to the drawing board – calling the proposed design an”embarrassment” to the neighborhood.

In the interim, the proposal went to the city’s planning board on October 12th – a meeting that mhn.com was unable to attend.

Please visit Post # 2,531 dated September 28, 2016 for more background information.