1 Bean Pot Circle Submits Phase 1 Development Plans to City Planning Office


The Initiative for Digital Engineering and Life Services (IDEALS) on behalf of Northeastern University has submitted a major site plan and site location of development application to facilitate the development of Phase 1 of Northeastern University’s Roux Institute it was annnounced by the city of Portland on Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

The project involves construction of a 238,000 square foot Learning Research & Collaboration Building, renovation of the 58,000 square foot Bean Building to create a business incubator space, construction of a 234,450 square foot parking garage, development of a 7,500 square foot childcare facililty replacement of the existing pier and redevelopment of the site to provide new public open spaces and pathways.  The subject property totals 24 acres, including submerged lands and is zoned B-5 Urban Commercial, and is located within the Roux Institute Institutional Overlay Zone and includes a designated historic landmark, the former B&M Cannery Building.

If you have any questions regarding the proposal, please contact Zachary Powell, planner by phone at 207 – 756-8083.  Written comments should be submitted to:  planningboard@portland maine.gov.