UPDATED: “Yes for Schools!” Campaign Launch to Pass Question 5 on Monday


Vote Yes on Question # 5 to Give the School Board the Autonomy Over its Annual Budget It Deserves!  That Also Conforms to Most “Best Practices” Across the Nation.

Vote for the Charter Commission Changes on November 8th.

On Monday, October 3rd at 4:30 pm., the ‘”Yes For Schools” campaign to pass Question # 5 on the November 8 ballot will be  held.  The launch takes place on the steps of city hall, 389 Congress Street.  Several city council members will attend, as well as Portland School Superintendent Xavier Botana and Emily Figdor, Board President.

Question 5 is an amendment to Portland’s charter empowering voters and the school board, rather than the city council, to determine the school budget each year which will strengthen Portland’s schools, while making local government mroe democratic, efficient, accessible and accountable.

This model of the elected school board submitting its proposed budgets directly to their voters is the norm in Maine (94% of Maine communities and across the country).

“My only experience with school budgets is based on what I observed over the years in school districts where the Board of Education and the Superintendent prepared a budget and then submitted it DIRECTLY to the voters.  Never was town government involved in the process.  That seems to me like adding a layer of involvement where its not needed.  For the city council to be active in the process opens the door for personal agendas to be involved in a way that may not be in the best interest of the education process.  I would opt for as little government intervention as possibe,” said Michael McCracken, a now retired history teacher for 37 years in New York State.  Most of his family was involved in education in New York State and southern Virginia as well –  as an elementary school principal, special education teacher.  His son is a recently retired  teacher and track coach in southwest Virginia.  (He is also the brother of this blogger).

The public is invited to attend the campaign launch on Monday, October 3rd. at city hall!

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