Will They OR Won’t They? (Please Start The Drum Roll)


A source close to the situation said yesterday that the newest addition to the bevy of newspapers available to Portland readers, the “Portland Daily Sun” may publish its first issue next week. It would be free to the public and publish between Tuesday and Saturday. MHN reported the story on January 10 herein. (The source was seen at the infamous Hilltop Coffee Shop on the Hill. Editorial offices are on St. Lawrence Street).

On the other hand, a spokesperson for the the blow-by-blow description of the purchase of the Blethen Maine Newspapers by Maine Media announced yesterday that he still believes that the sale will take place. One of the papers involved in the saleof this Maine chain of newspapers is the “Portland Press Herald;” a lead investor for the acquisition with newspaper experience has been found. The daily “Portland Press Herald” goes for .75. The sale could be announced within 30 days.

Okay, you can stop the drum roll now!