Whole Foods Made Two Important Announcements Today


By Carol McCracken (Post # 463)

Whole Foods Market, Inc. made two important announcements today according to Sustainable Food News.

Co-founder of the Austin based and world’s largest retailer of organic and natural foods, John Mackey, said that the company has “successfully emerged from this recession.” The company reported that its profits are up 102%, the best quarterly results in several years. Furthermore, Walter Robb, has been promoted to co-chief executive officer.

The second announcement Whole Foods made today is that is now offers grass-fed beef at all 284 stores in the United States. “As consumer concerns about health, food safety and the environment are on the rise, more producers are joining the grass-fed movement and see themselves as stewards working with nature to raise their cattle,” the company said.

Whole Foods partners with grass-fed producers in a number of states including Maine. Whole Foods said “grass-fed beef must meet the company’s strict quality standards which require that animals are raised on a vegetarian diet without being administered antibiotics or added growth hormones.”

Sustainable Food News also reported that Whole Foods stock reached $40.70 last Wednesday, its highest level since Feburary 2008. It closed today at $40.25, but continued to climb in after-hoours trading.

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