UPDATED: Washington Avenue Water Main Work to End by Friday, June 29th.


Brad Cleaves, D&C Construction President, on Washington Avenue, This Afternoon.

A Layer of Old Cobblestone Can be Seen Under the Asphalt from the Work on Washington Avenue Today.

“”We will be finishing up the new water main on Washington Avenue by the end of next week,” said Brad Cleaves, President of D&C Construction this afternoon. “That will be on Friday, June 29th,” he said.  Importantly, that’s the day before the 2nd annual Inner Washington Avenue Block Party.

“Then we will move to Walnut Street, North Street and Sheridan Street until Labor Day in September,” said Cleaves.  Those three streets require new water mains, sewer mains and drainage,” he said.  Following Labor Day, the work will return to Washington Avenue where construction will resume.   That’s when the sewer, drainage and new paving work on sidewalks will resume.  That work will not be completed until next year.

The sewer and water mains all date way back to the 1800s.  They have deteriorated and broken up since that time.  “Removal of the old trolley tracks and cobblestone pavement had to be done as well,” said Cleaves.

The break this summer will permit both merchants, drivers and walkers on Washington Avenue to move about more freely in the area – including as mentioned previously – just in time for the second annual Washington Block Party, on Friday, June 30th.

More to come about that!