Walmart Employees Supported by Local Activists on Black Friday; “We Came Out Here to Support Walmart Workers…,” Councilor Marshall


Protestors at Walmart, Scarborough. Whitley Newman and City Councilor David Marshall;  Center in Photo.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,264)

National protests  bringing attention to the abuse of  Walmart employees were highlighted all day today across the nation on Black Friday – the largest retail day of the holiday season.  National protests centered around low wages, no benefits, not enough hours and lack of job security.

The Walmart in Scarborough was no less exempt from similar expressions of frustration by a large group of volunteers who gathered early this afternoon.  Some of the protesters stood in front of Walmart handing out literature.  Another large contingent performed a flash dance inside the store.  “We went into Walmart sporadically.  We joined together in the front of the store and broke out in dance in solidarity with Walmart workers and stakeholders across the country,” said Whitley Newman, who led the flash dance.  “It was awesome.  We are with Walmart workers and strikers across the US.”   Newman is a RN and a Green Party official.

City Councilor David Marshall, one of the supporters of Walmart employees, said:  “We came out here to support Walmart workers who are paid minimum wage, have no benefits and no job security.  The federal government pays over $1.3 billion  per year to Walmark workers.  In Portland, we have overflowing shelters, and an endless line at general asistance while Walmart policies are only making the problems worse.”

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The event was organized by  Southern Maine Workers’ Center;