Walmart Falmouth Starts Vaccinations on Friday; Register On-line Only – Walk Ins Not Served


Walmart Falmouth to Begin Immunizing Those Over 70 Years Old, Friday, February 12, 2021.

Walmart in Falmouth will begin administering Moderna COVID-19 vaccine this Friday, February 12, 2021 according to someone familiar with the program  today.

The store received 200 doses of the vaccination this morning in anticipation of the doses to be administered later this week.   It is anticipated that number of vaccines will remain consistent and possibly increase as more vaccine becomes available. Walmart is complying with CDC guidelines, only those over 70 years old and health care workers are eligible to receive the vaccine at this time.

Personnel at the Falmouth store have been overwhelmed with people calling to try to make an appointment or better yet to see if walk-ins are accepted. Several sources said that walk-ins are not accepted and that anyone wanting to get immunized needs to make an appointment via on-line only.  As of noon today, appointments had been booked through Monday, February 15th.  Two hundred appointments have been confirmed until next week.

The expectation is that the Walmart pharmacy  will vaccinate thirty (30) people a day. Some part-time people trained to give shots have been hired at some Walmart stores to assist in the heavy demand for the vaccine. Go to to make an appointment.  You can use your phone or desktop computer according to written instructions available at the store. As of this writing, the site is down due to technical issues – presumably the overwhelming need for Mainers to “get a shot in the arm.”

This immunization at Walmart is part of a program introduced last week in which pharmacies will begin receiving vaccine directly from the Federal program known as Operation Warp Speed.  It’s a new program introduced to expedite the process of getting “shots into the arms” of the most vulnerable citizens of Maine – health care workers as well as those over 70 years old.

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    • Rene, Thank you for telling me. Good luck getting your vaccination. Please let me know how long it takes to get an appointment. Carol munjoyhillnews.

  1. Linda A. Perry
    I am 79 years old and the caregiver for my husband, Rene R. Perry. We are registering for the Covid-19 vaccine appointment(s). We share the same e-mail.

    • Linda. So glad to hear the good news. Please let me know how to goes. How long do you have to wait to get an appointment. Carol

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