Walgreens Offers Self-administered COVID-19 Testing Without Medical Referral


Walgreens Pharmacy, 616 Forest Avenue, is Booked for COVID-19 Testing for the Next Several Days.  The Drive Through Window is in the Back of the Walgreens.

Instructions for the Testing Process are Outlined on a Sign Near the Drive Through Window in the Back of Walgreens.

“The word is out.  We are offering self-administered coronavirus testing and we are booked solid for the next few days,” said Dan Darling, Assistant Manager, at Walgreens, 616 Forest Avenue, Portland, this afternoon.

Within the last two weeks, since the number of COVID-19 cases has begun to spike, the testing at Walgreens has increased by at least 25% said Darling.   “We are full right now.”  The pharmacy schedules about 30 tests per day.

Those who want to check whether or not they have contracted the deadly disease need to make an appointment on-line and 24 hours in advance.  The tests are self-administered and are swab tests.  But, the swabs are smaller than the first iteration and therefore less invasive according to Darling.  There is a three day wait to get the results and test takers are notified by email.  At the testing site, people are asked to remain in their vehicles with the window rolled up. Lab Corp. does the testing.  No medical referral is required.

Testing at this location began just over a month ago.  “We are getting lots of phone calls.  People have lots of questions,” said Darling.  Many of them can be answered on-line.  Walgreens has four pharmacies in Portland, but the Forest Avenue location is the only one with a drive-through window.

Yesterday at his daily briefing, Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the MaineCDC, announced that 243 new cases of the COVID-19 had been identified.  Prior to that, on November 9th, Dr. Shah announced the highest spike in cases to date in the amount of 204 cases.

For more information and to make an appointment, please visit:  walgreens.com/covid-19 testing.