Volunteers Prepare Mount Joy Orchard for the Future


Shana Hostgetter; Rosie, the Young Rescued Dog from Puerto Rico, with his Rescuer Keston  Geistwalker Today.

Looking Toward the Garden from Washington Avenue This Afternoon.

About a dozen volunteers were busy today preparing the Mount Joy Orchard and Garden for the upcoming winter season and beyond.  The Orchard & Garden are located below the Munjoy Hill Community Garden on North Street.  The Orchard and Garden are over three years old having been established in May of 2014.

“We are weeding and building our pernnial gardens for next year,” said Keston Geistwalker, who is a solar technician for Maine Solar Solutions, Durham.  With him is Rosie, a young street dog Keston rescued about six months ago from Puerto Rico.  She was hit by a car and that’s why she was rescued and treated.  The two are inseparable!

Shana who is a long time volunteer at Mount Joy is a Permaculture Designer, at Resilience Hub.   The goal is to create a free space for the public to pick fruit and eventually to pick from the garden.

Please follow the volunteers on facebook @mtjoyorchard  Volunteers are welcome.

Please visit a post herein dated May 21, 2014 and more recently on May 11, 2015 on the history of the project.

P.S. Keston:  I tried to email  you, but it was returned!