VA Medical Offices in Progress at 144 Fore Street


Work Has Begun at 144 Fore Street

By Carol McCracken (Post # 613)

On Monday, work began at 144 Fore Street near the Portland waterfront, which will result in medical offices for the Veterans’ Administration by mid-March of next year. Workers began gutting the interior of the former Xpress Copy and the warehouse next to it which stored supplies for Planet Dog. Outside workers were excavating the parking lot which will be repaved and where extensive landscaping will occur.

Diane Rollins, of Marino Inc. who owns 144 Fore Street, said the medical offices will be made of blue and green metal shingles – intended to simulate a series of ocean waves. When completed, there will be 10,000 sq. ft. dedicated to office space.

“We think the new landscaping and exterior of the building will greatly improve this area. We are trying,” said Rollins.