Used Books Sold for Childrens’ Charity Care: via Homehealth Visitng Nurses


Christina D. O'Brien, volunteer program manager, HomeHealth V isiting Nurses

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 641)

“We sell used books that have been donated to us.  All of the money raised goes to pediatric charity cases,” said Christina D. O’Brien, volunteer program manager late last week.  “Books Revisited” is located at 477 Congress Street and just opened on October 1st.

HomeHealth Visiting Nurses has two other similar stores – one in Saco and one in Biddeford.  Both have been in business for over 10 years, said O’Brien.  She was  hired in September to manage all three used book stores. 

What O’Brien needs right now is donations of books – all kinds of books – as well as volunteers  to run the store.  Books Revisited opened with about 2,5000 volumes of books that were donated by staff members as well as the public.  She also needs volunteers to run the store during the week.  The store is not open yet on weekends, because most of the business comes from business workers in the immediate area.  As demand increases, that could change.  She is working to get better outside signage so the store will be easier to locate.

“In these economic times, it’s even harder than ever to access much needed health care for children.   We are trying to help out with that,” O’Brien said.

editor’s note: 7/8/12 – This books store has since gone out of business and has been replaced by a second hand clothing store – Little Ghosts.

Please email O’Brien at for more information.