Munjoy Hill Committee to Assess Future Housing Developments in Area

118 on Munjoy Hill Condminiums

118 on Munjoy Hill Condminiums

By Carol McCracken  (Post

Sam Cohen, Chair of a Committe to Assess Housing Projects on Hill.

Sam Cohen, Chair of a Committee to Assess Housing Projects on the Hill.

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Sam Cohen, chair of the Safe and Livable Committee, of the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization, said today that the Committee is in the process of developing a set of criteria by which it can assess housing projects on the Hill and perhaps take a public stand on them.  “Our goal is to develop a criteria for the assessment of new developments on the Hill and how they fit into the environment of the Hill, for the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization,” said Cohen today.  “We don’t want to automatically oppose every new development.  This information will allow us to take a public stand, positively or negatively,” said Cohen.   The MHNO will vote on the criteria at its monthly board meeting on Monday, February 10th at 7:00 pm. at the headquarters on Congress Street.  For more information, please email Sam at:

Cohen, a Hill resident, attended last night’s planning board meeting that lasted until  11:00 pm at city hall. At that public meeting, an Elite and Extensive Development Team, led by Chip Newell and Susan Morris, presented an overview of the 12-unit, luxury, condo project, 118 on Munjoy Hill, located in a prime spot on Congress Street.  On site- garage parking for eighteen vehicles is provided as well as a dog-wash for condo owners.  New Height Group received permission from the city council to increase the height of the building in order to enhance a “long-distance” view of the waterfront for residents.  Retail space will be available on the first floor which developers have said would be appropriate for an art gallery.  The units are intended to sell for at least $500,000 each. Planning Board members were generally enthusiastic about the project.  “I really like this project,” said Bill Hall. “It’s the perfect use of a lot on Munjoy Hill.” Jack Soley said he thought the “spine” of the Hill could tolerate this size building well.

In another housing project contemplated for construction on the Hill, a Maine Medical Center heart surgeon and his artist wife, received easy approval from the planning board late last night.  The Sheridan Street Apartments, at 152-156 Sheridan Street calls for a 12,000 sq. ft. development on previously undeveloped space and sloping property.  Because of that, the building is planned on piers.  The top unit will be owner-occupied with four two-bedroom rental units on the lower floors.  The cost of the development is estimated at $1.5 million.  In the past, residents had expressed concern about a pier-supported structure, although there were no objections to the development at last night’s meeting.  The couple does not know when it will begin construction on the New Farm LLC project. David Lloyd is the architect here as he is for 118 on Munjoy Hill and the proposed St. Lawrence Arts Center addition.