Trump’s Shutdown Stalls “The Cat” Journey to Bar Harbor

Trump’s Shutdown Affects More Than You Know!

For those who are still wondering where The Cat will land next, readers will have to wait longer. The Cat, the popular ferry service between somewhere in Maine and Nova Scotia, has been working with the Customs and Border Patrol to meet its requirements. The Patrol is requiring a costly customs facility at the Bar Harbor terminal and is making other demands as well from Cat owners. Bay Ferries, LLC.

However, because of Trump’s shutdown, the Agency is shutdown as well. Sources familiar with the situation hope that the shutdown ends soon so that the Agency can start-up again and do what needs to be done to get The Cat back in service.

The Cat will have a lease in Bar Harbor when the government opens up again.

For more background on this and the lawsuit facing the Board of Harbor Commissioners and the Portland Pilots filed by The Cat, please visit posts herein dated December 4, 2018, June 5, 2018 and July 16, 2018.