Trumpcare Pulled Lacking Votes; Back Women’s March with ‘Marchon’ Souvenir!


These New Marchon!” Bumper Stickers May be Purchased On-line. See

Rallying on City Hall Steps Against Trumpcare Earlier This Year.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) Hosting at Recent Health Care Forum

In a huge blow to the agenda of the”deal maker” and “closer,” President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) pulled the House vote on Trumpcare this afternoon because they couldn’t get enough Republican votes to pass it.  Campaigning on his skills to negotiate, future deals are in doubt because of this defeat – a major plank in Trump’s campaign from day one.

Shortly after the announcement made initially by Speaker Ryan, Maine opponents of the American Health Care Act began weighing in publicly.

“This is a huge win for tens of thousands of Mainers who made their voices heard and rely on the American Care Act and Planned Parenthood.   This bill was bad from the start and got worse as President Trump and House Republicans negotiated behind closed doors.  Trumpcare would have increased costs for older, rural and low-income Mainers, stripped funding from Planned Parenthood health centers and given billions in tax breaks to  health insurance companies and the wealthiest Americans.  Since the bill did not pass today, I hope President Trump commits to giving the Affordable Care Act the support it needs to continue protecting and covering millions of Americans,” wrote Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) in a press release issued by her office.

“Twenty-four million Americans who risked loosing their health care including tens of thousands in Maine, can now breathe a sigh of relief,” wrote Emily Brostek, executive director of Consumers for American Health Care. “Our work is not done.  We must keep the pressure on lawmakers to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and make quality affordable health care a reality for all Mainers.” she concluded.

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Next Step?  Coffee mugs, T-shirts, anyone?!  (See top left photo.)