Trott Family Christmas Tradition Continues For Underprivileged Children


By Carol McCracken

One of the warmest places on the Hill Saturday afternoon was at the annual Trott Family Christmas party for underprivileged children. About seventy-five children from the area were treated to games, food and a visit with Santa Claus. Each child received a present from the Old Guy! The party was held at the Root Cellar on Washington Avenue from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

While the Trotts cleaned up after the party, they took some time to reminisce. When Marie Trott, (her maiden name was Gladu,) was ten years old, she attended the Policemens Ball on Newbury Street on the Hill. Her parents were divorced at the time. She saw a doll she wanted SO badly that one of the police officers made certain that she got it. It was then that she decided that when she grew up she’d try to give underprivileged children on the Hill a toy, jacket and mittens that they might not otherwise have. Marie and her family have done that since 1972 – with her children dressing up as the Nine Elves most years to help keep the tradition going.

Diana (Trott) Burton, 48, got her early training as one of those Nine Eelves. She remains very committed to the annual party to this day as is the company she works for in Westbrook. In early November, she mailed out donation letters. With the crucial help of Diana’s employer, Artel Inc., the Trotts raised $800. this year. Jean Russo donated cash as well as helped fund raise. The money was used mostly to buy toys for the party guests. Domino Pizza donated pizzas and Pepsi Co. donated soda. Diana starts planning next month for the 37th Trott Family Christmas. That’s when she finds the best bargains at the toy stores.

And from the smiles on the faces of everyone participating, it’s a Christmas tradition that isn’t going away soon! For more information, please call Marie at 772-8799 or visit the web page of Artel-USA-com. See blurb describing MHMC. (Please see MHN’s previous article on the subject dated, 12/7/08, “Meet Your Neighbor: Marie Trott – Making A Big Difference During The Holidays.
The event also goes by the name sometimes “Munjoy Hill’s Mother’s Club”.)