Trader Joe’s Files for Permit to do Business in Portland; Files 5/10


Future Home of Trader Joe's?

Future Home of Trader Joe's?

By Carol McCracken (Post # 469)

It’s true. The city of Portland has indeed received an application to do business by Trader Joe’s at 87 Marginal Way in the former Wild Oats building. The building has stood empty for about three years now.

The permit to do business could be issued within the next week or two according to the city hall. There are no zoning issues so the matter does not need to go before the planning board.

The application by Trader Joe’s calls for “interior remodeling of existing retail space for new tenant to include new interior partitions, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and mechanical modifications and entry canopy remodel.”
At a cost of $675,000.

According to one source close to the chain who did not want his name used, this new store in Portland will be the largest of all the Trader Joe’s in the country. This store has almost 24,000 sq. ft. and all its other stores are about half that size. “We are very excited about coming to Portland. We will be open as soon as possible,” he said.

The organic giant retailer in whose shadow the proposed Trader Joe’s could be situated, Whole Foods, gobbled up Wild Oats about three years ago. The decision ultimately lies in the hands of the FTC – as to whether Trader Joe’s can move in. The FTC became involved because of monopoly issues when Whole Market purchased Wild Oats. The official nod by the FTC has not yet been given, but it is’s impression that an unofficial nod has been given.