Too Long to Wait at City Hall


A Line of People Trying to Get Their Cars Registered Today Around 2:00 pm

“Don’t go to city hall on a Monday.  Don’t go to city hall on a Friday.  Don’t go at the end of a month,” this blogger was told about going to the treasury department to get my car registered.  “Don’t go at the beginning of the month. The lines are too long.”

The obvious question is WHEN does one go to avoid a long line?

This blogger arrived at the Treasury Department on the first floor of city hall to get my car registered at almost 2:00 pm today. This blogger left the department at almost 3:00 pm.  As anyone with a car knows, it’s a simple and quick process.  The employees were terrific.  Efficient and good-natured.

One women who waited an hour said:  “We pay taxes.  Why do we get treated like this”?  Another women said it took her one hour and five minutes to get her car registered.  Yikes.  One man had to  leave because his lunch hour was over.

When I told the head of the department it needed more employees, at least during the busy seasons, I was told:  “Tell Jon Jennings.”  Are you listening Jon Jennings?

A former city employee said today:  “Customer service at city hall is severly lacking.”  The Inspections Department is a prime example.  Councilor Belinda Ray said recently in public that there is going to be a reorganization of that Department.  Another one?  I’ve lost count of them.

It’s a traditional event.