Thibodeau to run for Mayor Though Record Hurts Portland Workers

Conservative City Councilor for District 2 Spencer Thibodeau at a Committee Meeting Last Year.

Spencer Thibodeau, District 2 city councilor, confirmed that he intends to run for Mayor of Portland in November. “Together We Rise” is his campaign slogan. He is a real estate and corporate lawyer at Verrill & Dana.

The conservative Thibodeau is often at odds with Mayor Ethan Strimling and some view this announcement as an effort to further exacerbate the relationship between the two. When asked about the contentious relationship, ThIbodeau said he speaks to the Mayor and works with him, but he did not deny that he likes to fight with him. Two years ago, Thibodeau angerly invited the Mayor “to get it together” and join the city council team.

Mayor Ethan Strimling issued the following statement: “During my first term as Mayor, I have been fighting to protect Portland’s middle and working class by fully funding our schools, protecting and building affordable housing, raising wages, expanding opportunities for immigrants and passing sick days for our workers. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together and if I run for a second term, I look forward to continuing this work. Councilor Thibodeau is a corporate and real estate lawyer who has voted to cut education funding for our kids, to make our affordable housing class crisis worse by expanding short-term rentals and against better training for our working men and women. If I run, the choice for a progressive leader for our city couldn’t be more clear.”

No doubt his campaign slogan, “Together We Rise”, is a message to his clients in the real estate industry. “No Rights for Renters.”